Investing for children

Everyone wants the best for their children. So why not get real investment expertise working on their behalf?

Our Investment Plan for Children offers an easy and flexible way to use our extensive investment expertise to capture the growth potential of the stockmarket. It offers a choice of trusts, ranging from ‘core’ UK trusts to those with more adventurous strategies investing across Asia, all using our disciplined investment approach.

Aberdeen's Investment Plan for Children offers:

  • Lump sum minimum of just £150 (per trust) or £30 per month (per trust)
  • No initial plan charges – only annual management charges and stamp duty on share purchases*
  • Freedom to stop and start contributions whenever you like, without penalty
  • No fixed investment term – but a medium to long-term view is recommended
  • Open to anyone over 18 who wants to invest for a child

Almost anyone can invest in the Plan** – including parents, grandparents and family friends. Proceeds from the Plan can be used for any purpose you wish. You could use it to help provide for childcare while a child is young - or school fees as they get older.

You may prefer to invest over the very long term, building up a lump sum for when they reach 18 or 21 – perhaps to help pay for university, a deposit on a first home, or towards the cost of a wedding.

In short, whatever you are planning for a child’s future – our Investment Plan for Children is designed to help.

*You will also incur the dealing costs represented by the difference between the buying and selling price of an investment trust’s shares (the ‘bid-offer spread’). This ‘spread’ varies from trust to trust, depending on supply and demand in the stock market.

**subject to certain criteria being met. Please see the terms and conditions in the brochure and application forms for more details.