ISA Transfer

Aberdeen’s ISA Transfer enables you to transfer your existing ISAs into your choice of investment trusts offered by Aberdeen. The range of trusts we offer is wide, with something to suit all types of investor - from general trusts to specialist trusts, actively managed trusts to tracker trusts.

In any given investment climate, it is important that you regularly review your investment portfolio.

Investors own many ISA’s that they opened over the years; even if you don’t put new money into them, you can still transfer them between managers, ensuring that your investments are working hard for you. Questions to consider when you are looking to transfer your ISA:

  • Is your existing ISA performing well?
  • Are you happy with the type of companies or areas of the world that you originally invested in?
  • Are you paying realistic charges to your existing manager or managers?

If the answer is No to any of the above, it may be time to consider transferring your ISA

The Aberdeen Investment Trusts ISA Transfer offers:

  • A wide range of trusts from which to choose
  • Minimum transfer is £1,000, and is subject to a minimum per trust of £250
  • £24 plus VAT annual administration charge, regardless of how many ISAs you hold through Aberdeen Investment Trusts
  • £15 exit fee per sale