Investment Trust Share Plan

Everyone has savings goals for the future. Whether you are saving for something in particular or just to ensure that life is comfortable in the future, long-term savings plans can play an important part in realising that objective. An investment trust share plan can give access to the growth potential offered by stocks and shares and a professionally-managed portfolio.

We are one of the largest managers of investment trusts in the UK - and we have extensive resources and expertise to ensure investors receive the highest levels of service.

If tax efficiency isn’t an issue – or if you’ve already invested your ISA allowance – then our Share Plan is the way for you to invest.

The Aberdeen Investment Trusts Share Plan offers:

  • Minimum monthly investment - £100
  • Minimum lump sum investment - £250
  • No initial charges (Government stamp duty is payable at 0.5% and investors pay the buying price on the stock market)
  • No annual plan charge
  • £10 exit fee per sale

Our Share Plan is a flexible savings plan which enables you to invest in a wide selection of our trusts. There is something to suit all types of investor – from general trusts to specialist trusts, actively-managed trusts to tracker trusts.